Opaala is a smart, contactless, cloud-based platform that lets restaurant, café, bar, lounge, hotel, cinema and other venue guests order and pay directly from their mobile.

Opaala offers three platforms: inVenue™ for table service, inRoom™ for room service and reMote™ for takeaway or delivery.

Opaala lets your establishment control operations and improve profitability by:

  • Increasing table turnover
  • Reducing ordering errors
  • Eliminating the costs and waste of printed menus (and the hygienic risks of touch-screen menus)
  • Freeing staff to serve more in-table and takeaway orders, or wherever else they’re needed
  • Helping you understand what and how your guests are ordering, enabling you to adjust your menu and specials accordingly

Opaala gives your customers control over their visit by:
  • Letting them choose what, when and how they want to order and pay, so they aren’t left waiting when things get busy and can decide for themselves how long to remain
  • Providing them with a completely contactless and hygienic ordering experience


Opaala can be set up remotely, quickly, and most importantly for FREE. Contact us to learn more.

Opaala at Zabeel House by Jumeirah


Nothing to Download

No app to download; Opaala runs in the browser. Ideal for tourist-heavy establishments.

Save Time

Opaala helps you make the best use of your resources and deploy your staff much more efficiently.


Allow customers to pay direct from their phone, making the experience even more frictionless.

Increase Spend

Dynamic menus on your customers' phones increases their average spend.

Custom Menus

Combine items, price dynamically, employ multiple languages & display daily specials.

Call Staff

Even if your customers value the human touch they can still call staff and order when their waiter arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to make this as easy to use for customers and operators but we know you still might have a few questions for us.

Do my customers need to download an app?

No app is needed for Opaala orders. Your menu will be displayed in a mobile-optimised browser.

Do my customers need to be on wifi / data?

Yes. They need access to the internet, either through their data plan or your establishment’s wifi, to view menus and order from their table.

How does my staff see orders as they’re made?

We’ll provide your venue with a tablet to sit alongside your till or order station. Orders and customer actions are displayed clearly as they are made. We integrate directly with a number of POS systems to provide you a more frictionless experience.

What if my customers don’t want to use an app to order?

They don’t have to--they can still call staff and order manually when their waiter arrives. What we’ve seen, though, is that around 80% of customers in venues using the app opt to use it.

Will service levels suffer if I use the app?

On the contrary. Customer ratings have actually gone up among venues using the app, since food arrives more quickly and with fewer errors, interactions with servers are personal instead of transactional, and nobody gets bad news from the kitchen that an item they’ve ordered is no longer available.

What if my team is reluctant to use the app?

Even servers who show resistance to the app at first warm up to it quickly when they see how it helps them work smarter.

What will you do with my data? How do I know it won’t be shared with anyone else?

Opaala takes data privacy and security very seriously. You will keep and control all your data.

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